“Renewal in a Box” is the ultimate “Cadillac” version of help and support that we could give to you at Holy Spirit Clinician Coaching if you are starting your own Christian Private Practice!  “Renewal in a Box” is a program that gives you access, with one click of a button, to what took me and my team over 25 years to put together. “Renewal in a Box” gives you access to a tried and true, “CARF Accredited” set of everything administratively and clinically that you will need to start your practice and expand it to be all that it was called to be. “Renewal in a Box” is your ticket to saving years of research and the time and expenses of obtaining the expertise that lies within that we gained a little at a time by talking to world-renowned leaders in our field as well as lawyers and consultants of every kind. In short, “Renewal in a Box” is your key to saving the sleepless nights and exorbitant costs that I incurred in the building of my private practice so yours can leapfrog much more quickly into full service being built on the firmest of clinical “best practice” foundations.

“Renewal in a Box” includes all of the following and more and is ready for you to use as a template for your agency. Once you access all its contents, you can customize it all by taking out what you do not want, adding what you do, changing the name in it all to your own, and making any or all of the parts of our whole clinical program your own.

  • A complete Clinical Policy and Procedure Manual of about 150 pages outlining every policy that is needed to comply with “Best Practices” in our field, create consistency in your agency’s daily workflow, and to protect you from the liabilities that come from not having all of your policies in place.
  • A complete Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual of about 100 pages that will outline everything you need for the business side of your practice in the areas of Human Resources, Corporate Compliance to local, state, and federal regulations, and how to set up your practice in such a way that Insurance Companies and Grants and Foundations want to see before they contract with you.
  • A complete Employee Hand Book that will keep you compliant to state and federal guidelines and set a culture in your agency that has sound boundaries while preserving relationships and community,
  • Personnel Files – you will receive the full personnel file, including work agreements for every type of employee that you may be hiring and how to set up a 1099 or W-2 work contract with your employees.  The personnel file and full instructions for doing background checks and such will keep you in compliance with the insurance companies that you contract with and the process of setting them up and staying in compliance with insurance company credentialing and best business practices.
  • Clinical Paperwork- you will receive a full set of CARF Accredited Clinical forms starting with the consent for treatment, release of information, financial responsibility form, HIPPA Compliance Form, and many other initial treatment forms needed.  You will also receive our templates for the full set of forms that your clinicians will use to document their billable sessions that are CARF approved and contain just the information that is required by them and all the insurance companies, without any additions, to optimize your client time and minimizing the paperwork time! These forms are taken from our EMR that we use currently and can be programmed into your system while adding or deleting anything that you want to customize for your agency.
  • CARF reports – I would have paid the full price of “Renewal in a Box” just to receive the templates of the Administrative reports that are included here that are mandatory for those seeking accreditation but also highly recommended for those that are not. There are nine reports included that are all part of CARF Accreditation for the buyer to plug in their name and content for a quick upstart or preparation for a CARF audit.
  • A full set of third-party insurance credentialing and privileging documents to help organize and bring efficiency to your process of getting your clinicians approved by the insurance companies that you want to work with.
  • Productivity and Tracking Charts to optimize your agency financially, set expectations for your employees, and keep yourself and them accountable to the goals that you have set in your business plan.
  • Insurance Rate Research – again, this is worth the price of admission, as it will help you to know what to expect for reimbursement from major insurance companies.
  • Examples of sliding fees to use for cash clients who cannot afford your standard rate.