About Steve Fair

I (Steve) have known that I was called to be a “counselor” since I was in 4th grade, so in following my calling, I went to the University of Michigan and graduated with my Bachelors in Psychology and my Masters in Social Work in 1995.  I  have served in many different clinical roles that have equipped me to walk with you in doing what you do in this field.  I have worked in residential placements, Community Mental Health home-based, and outpatient roles. I am a licensed Substance Abuse therapist who has worked in many roles treating addictions. I have worked in schools and extensively with kids in lots of clinical venues using play therapy and family systems interventions, as well as doing church-based and private practice Christian Counseling Ministries of all kinds.  I met the Holy Spirit personally later in my Christian life after I had experienced being a counselor and a minister without having a revelation of the power of the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit wanted to work through me, which gave me such a hunger to lead others out of the same powerlessness that I was experiencing.  I was baptized in the Holy Spirit through a home-church ministry that stressed discipleship and personal growth, which made all the difference in the world to me.  I completed my ministry degree at MorningStar School of Ministry in North Carolina, and now I have the privilege to minister across denominational lines with everyone from non-Christians, Catholics, Protestants, and Conservatives to Charismatics.  What an honor to support and walk with brothers and sisters in Christ from all walks to minister Inner Healing to them with the goal of helping them to find a deeper and more intimate connection to the Father as the answer to every mental health and physical issue in their lives.

I started Renewal Christian Counseling Center in 2001, which has grown to see over 600 clients a week with up to 10 site offices in Michigan, taking all insurances and combining Inner Healing with his staff of over 50 people.  Later after starting my private practice, I wrote the book “Journey into the Divided Heart” which has become an Inner Healing Manual to be used with individuals, marriages, small groups, and pastoral counseling and is especially useful for those in clinical practice looking to take their clients deeper into Inner Healing.  I am an area leader for HeartSync Ministry who trains lay ministers and clinicians in the heart healing model called HeartSync Ministry, and I see miraculous results with this model using it in seeing kids, adults, and many varieties of clients who have a diversity of issues from the most severe clinical symptoms to having the most benign complaints.  I now run my private practice Renewal Christian Counseling Center while also speaking and doing seminars across denominational lines doing “Divided Heart” and HeartSync Ministry Trainings.  It is my great joy to see emotional freedom and breakthrough at the deepest of levels for individuals and their marriage relationships too, by facilitating full connection to their Father God through inner healing tools!

My latest joy is to lead  “Holy Spirit Clinician Coaching,” which is an outreach to those in the mental health field that are bravely and wholeheartedly bringing God’s light to hurting and traumatized hearts in the Christian Counseling Arena. It is my great joy to be an encourager to others who are wishing to counsel with the full power and love of the Holy Spirit, and I am wholeheartedly dedicated to my mission statement of “taking back the mental health field for the Kingdom of God” by helping those that I coach to remove the barriers they have that keep them from starting and expanding their Christian private practices.  I believe we are called together to “raise the bar” on what counseling services can and should be when we partner with the fullness of the Kingdom of God working in the counseling office, which I am seeing in those that I coach in this area. I have been happily married for 30 years, living in Michigan with my wife and our amazing special needs son, and I want nothing more than to invite you into this community of people who are searching for the fullness of God’s purpose and calling on your life through Holy Spirit led Clinical Counseling!