HeartSync Ministry Training

Steve is Certified in an amazing inner healing model called HeartSync Prayer Ministry, which you can learn more about at www.heartsyncministries.org. Steve works closely with Father Andrew Miller, who is the founder of HeartSync Ministry, as they have written “Journey into the Divided Heart” book together. Steve serves as the area’s leader for HeartSync Ministries in the Midwest Region, which serves Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, etc. Steve trains clinicians in HeartSync Ministry and has a free monthly meeting for clinicians who are learning HeartSync and Inner Healing in order to apply them to clinical practice. This free group is meant to equip and train you further but also to support you personally and to give community and fellowship to those who have this common calling. To sign up for our HeartSync Clinician’s Group and the group mailing list, please click this link to register: www.heartsyncministries.org/clinicians.

Steve facilitates training for Inner Healing at many different types of venues, meeting the needs of those he is serving. Steve provides training and seminars at clinical sites, churches, community centers, and also on Zoom internationally for groups from all over the world. Here are some of his trainings that you can attend or bring to your community:

Divided Heart Inner Healing Seminar

Steve has seen tremendous results in seeing God move on the hearts of His people when talking about the tools of our self-protection being our defense mechanisms and challenging them through the curriculum of his book to make God the Psalms 91 Protector of their lives as the means of true freedom in Christ. Steve will tailor make this seminar into a training for your staff, a church service or series, or a half day to a full Friday Night all Day Saturday outreach from your location to your community. Steve will cover the basics of heart healing, the history and Biblical basis for heart healing, and will not only talk about heart healing tools but lead his audience in exercises to experience that healing right there in the seminar. Alter ministry and laying on of hands is available and powerful for the application of the truths shared in his seminar, and this personal ministry has been adapted to respect the traditions and the culture of the diversity of the participants as his seminars that are attended by every denomination from Catholic to Protestant, Conservative to Charismatic.
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Introduction to HeartSync Seminar

Steve has combined his Divided Heart Training and HeartSync Ministry Training into an “Introduction to Inner Healing Seminar,” which has been incredible in building community and wholeheartedness in those who have attended this seminar. This seminar is most often booked as a Friday Night and all-day Saturday event where Steve will come to your site and teach the participants about HeartSync Ministry as an inner healing tool to heal the brokenhearted, according to Isaiah 61. Being wholehearted means “to love the Lord your God (and others) with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength” (Mark 12:30), but often there are emotional and spiritual barriers to this end goal that hinder us. This “Intro” seminar makes great inroads to defining those barriers and giving Biblical and practical tools to lead you to the removal of those barriers and to experience true emotional healing and wholeness. Steve teaches that Inner Healing is really a discipleship tool that is part of the Great Commission (Matt 28) and that HeartSync is a great model for making us more like Jesus and building Godly character by helping people to intimately encounter God in the places of their own pain and woundedness.
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HeartSync Basic Training

Steve facilitates HeartSync Basic Training groups at least two times a year and can be found on the HeartSync website to register for his courses at www.heartsyncministries.org/Basic. Father Andrew Miller is the founder of HeartSync Ministry and offers a video series that Steve facilitates via Zoom that teaches about heart healing and interventions within this model that include Covering Prayer, Spiritual Protocols with principality level interference, Trauma Release prayer, Core Parts and Aspects of the Heart, Divine Encounters and Immanuel Prayer, etc. The Basic HeartSync training is an 8-week series that uses video trainings from Father Andrew and a two-hour per week group meeting with Steve via Zoom to be taught, ask questions, and witness and receive HeartSync Ministry as live demonstrations of the foundations you are learning.  Joining Steve’s Basic HeartSync Training is recommended for everyone, but he has a special track for clinicians to join in and speak their language of “Clinicalese,” as he calls it, for clinical questions related to their profession.
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HeartSync Mentoring Group

After learning the basics of HeartSync Prayer Ministry, the next step in your growth as an Inner Healing Minister/Clinician is usually to join a HeartSync Mentoring Group. Steve and his amazing team of other Clinicians and Qualified HeartSync Ministers will meet with you in this two-hour Mentoring Group for eight weeks with the format of a) Reviewing and training in the HeartSync Model by giving HeartSync lessons each week, b) doing Q and A around HeartSync issues that bring enlightening and relational discussion, c) developing community with other Inner Healing people from all over the world, and most importantly d) to experience giving and receiving HeartSync Ministry with a trusted coach and small group leader right there with you for support.  It is certainly not mandatory, but most participants join these mentoring groups to experience receiving a session in their small group, which can be transformational and life-changing! Some even decide to practice giving a HeartSync Prayer session to someone in their small group with the group leader right there to help and support at any time.  This is really where it all comes together, and many people say about HeartSync that “it all makes sense now”. Life-long friends are made in this group as it is purposely structured to build relationships with others who are walking the same inner healing journey as you and are generally from the USA and from all over the world. We would love to have you join us – the only prerequisite is that you have taken a HeartSync Basic course so you can get the most out of this group by having had the whole HeartSync teaching.
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