Private Practice Start Up and Expansion Coaching Package

When I (Steve) received the word from the Lord to “take the mental health field for the Kingdom, ” I thought that God must be talking to me about starting a private practice which I did start shortly after, and I called it Renewal Christian Counseling Center in Michigan, but that was not the fullness of what He was talking about. As my practice grew and grew, and had up to 10 site offices at a time, I understood that His word to “take the mental health field for the Kingdom” was speaking to a broader mission than I had thought or imagined as we were seeing so many of thousands of people, but that also was not the fullness of what He was talking about.  When I wrote my book “The Journey into the Divided Heart” and started doing “Divided Heart Seminars”, then I really started to realize God was talking about using me to influence our whole field.  Others started using my book as a client manual in their counseling offices and centers and saw much fruit in their role in leading people to emotional healing. Though this was closer to what God meant when He told me (us) to “take the mental health field for the Kingdom, ” this still was not the fullness of what He was talking about. It was not until I started coaching through Holy Spirit Clinician Coaching and selling my “Renewal in a Box” starter kit for private practices that I really realized that we together have a chance to raise the standard for what Christ-centered psychotherapy practices can be and that this is what He meant from the very beginning! I now believe that we can influence our whole culture together through what we are doing in Christian Counseling and that we can “take back” this whole part of the mental health field for God and His glory.  I cannot tell you how honored and privileged I am to be able to work with you in doing so, and I want to invite you to be part of this ongoing storyline by seeing your practice grow and thrive!

There is virtually nothing that my team and I have not experienced or come through in these last 25 years, which highly equips us to speak into where your practice is at, no matter what stage of development that it is going through!  Someone asked me once what it would have been like for me to have a coach like myself when I was starting off and how my life would have been different, and I almost cried.  I said back to them that though I had an amazing team of support around me when starting Renewal Center, I feel like it would have saved me years of my life figuring things out and starting it from scratch.  I would have appreciated that support more than words could express, and I want to offer to meet with you to help and support you and the amazing work you have on your heart to do in taking ground in people’s hearts for God’s Kingdom and to give Him all the glory too.  Christian Counseling can be one of the most amazing forms of discipleship and the most intimate and impactful of all the structures of outreach that we have today in the body of Christ!  Coaching with me to help you start your private practice, support it, or help you to expand it, is done at whatever pace that is best for you.  Some just book a time with me as needed (and as my schedule allows as I do fill up very quickly), others schedule a regular time weekly or monthly, and others invest more heavily in their coaching for more intense seasons of growth by buying a package of coaching sessions.

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